How Artificial Intelligence is changing digital marketing?

A few days ago, when I went to take a high-speed train in China, I found that there are no one checking the tickets. I just need to scan the tickets myself and my face appears on the machine. Then I can go through the entrance with surprise.

After searching the Internet, I learnt that we do not need to take physical tickets any more from 2019, we just need our face and our cellphone to get on a high-speed train. This is the first time that I realize Artificial Intelligence is so close to our real life.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence that is showcased by machines, as opposed to the natural or the forced intelligence in humans. While AI has been in existence for a long time, it has gained humongous popularity due to the rising power of computers and related technology.

As we know, face scanning technology is an innovative AI application. Apple published iPhone X which allow users to unlock and pay with their face.

Face ID uses a flood illuminator to project around 30,000 dots onto your face, which create a depth map of your face’s unique shape. An infrared sensor then double checks that the image it acquired corresponds to your face each time you try to access your phone, and if it does, you’re in.

Apple estimated that, while Touch ID was already secure with only a one in 50,000 chances of being spoofed, Face ID brings that up to about one in 1 million.

What application scenes can AI have?

At the same time when technology is becoming increasingly complex, AI is continuously increasing its application in marketing.

Quality Content Writing

There are more and more media company starting to use AI to write normal news. “Automatic Language Generation”can change data into text which can accord with human reading habits. This technology can increase marketer’s efficiency.

Target Users

One male customer went to a local store to complain that this store mailed coupons of baby products to his daughter who is still studying in school. But after communicating with his daughter, the angry father found she was real pregnant.

How did the merchant know the news she was pregnant earlier than her father? The answer is big data. With the help of AI, the usage towards big data is becoming more efficient: on the base of big and meticulous data, AI can subdivide and group consumers with same or similar behavior and habits, and pushing more personalized content.

What are pluses and minuses of this trend?

The advantages

Faster decisions

Using artificial intelligence alongside cognitive technologies can help make faster decisions and carry out actions quicker.

Avoiding errors

The phrase “human error” was born because humans, naturally, make mistakes from time to time. Computers however, do not make these mistakes – that is, of course, assuming they are programmed properly. With artificial intelligence, data could be processed error-free, no matter how big the dataset might be

Taking risks on behalf of humans

With artificial intelligence, you can arguably lessen the risks you expose humans to in the name of research. Take, for example, space exploration and the Mars rover, known as Curiosity. It can travel across the landscape of Mars, exploring it and determining the best paths to take, while learning to think for itself. Using artificial intelligence in this manner could potentially lead to massive benefits in areas such as demand forecasting, medical diagnosis and oil exploration.

The disadvantages

Job losses

There is little doubt that artificial intelligence will displace many low-skilled jobs. Arguably, robots have already taken many jobs on the assembly line – but now this could extend to new levels. Take, for example, the concept of driverless cars, which could displace the need to have millions of human drivers, from taxi drivers to chauffeurs, very quickly. Of course some would argue that artificial intelligence will create more wealth than it destroys – but there is genuine risk that this will not be distributed evenly, particularly during its early expansion.

Distribution of power

Artificial intelligence carries the risk, in the minds of some, of taking control away from human actions in many ways. Nations that are in possession of artificial intelligence could theoretically kill humans without needing to pull a trigger.

Lack of judgement calls

Humans can take unique circumstances and judgement calls into account when they make their decisions, something that artificial intelligence may never be able to do. One example occurred in Sydney, Australia, in 2014 when a shooting drama in the downtown area prompted people to make numerous calls to Uber in an effort to escape the area. The result was that Uber’s ride rates surged based on its supply and demand algorithm – there was no consideration involved for the circumstances in which the riders found themselves.



“Do you want to choose me after the 5 words? ”“Yes, I do.”

Every brand is thirsty about changing potential client into real client in this digital world. They make full use of all kinds of channel to show ads to customers. Ads are everywhere but not all the effort converted into real purchase. Here are 5 important words that they should know before we create a digital strategy for them.

1 “I care so much about you.”

When a boy holding flowers in his hands and want to be chosen by a pretty girl, the most important thing is to show that he really cares her. Like going into a relationship, letting client know that the product is designed for them and their feeling really matters is the first step of catching the eyes of potential customers.

Maker’s Mark is a bourbon company that specializes in making small batches. The company currently has a popular ambassador program, reserved for some of its most loyal customers, which comes with unique perks that will undoubtedly make those customers love the brand even more.

When client sign up for the program, for instance, you get a number of benefits; for starters, your name is put on a real barrel of aging Maker’s Mark bourbon, with updates as to how “your” bourbon is aging. You’re also able to buy a bottle from your own batch, and you have privileged access to Ambassadors-only merchandise, to separate you from the rest of the crowd. Rumor has it that Maker’s Mark also sends some free swag around the holidays as a show of appreciation.

2  “I am a human.”

No one want to buy the product if the brand is only a cold brand. People want to see a brand which is more personalized. The content marketing and other marketing should be conversational and engaging. Seeing the campaign is like you are talking to a friend. You also need to engage with your consumers and grow your following. Start conversations online and respond to any comments. If your customers have any questions or problems, be proactive with your customer service. If you want people to care about your brand, you need to care about them back.

In his book, “The Thank You Economy,” entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk says, A strategy of caring usually out-shines tactics, but when they’re used with the right intent, tactics can help a brand achieve greatness.”

Despite the rather naff name, this simple idea managed to attract a huge amount of online buzz for Coca-Cola.

The Happiness Machines are classic Coke vending machines that dish out treats including drinks, pizza, flowers and sandwiches.

While some give away the freebies to all-comers, others require a specific action to earn a reward. For example, one in Singapore required a hug before it would dispense a free drink, while another in Belgium was dance-activated.

 3 “You can find me anywhere.”

Multi-channel is an indispensable way to let customers know about your brand. When you click in Instagram, you see our brands name. When you walk on the street, you can also see the billboard of our new product. So when you want to buy some related things and opened google, the search result also tells you that our product is your best choice.

Just like doing farm work, the first time you hear about our brand is the time when we plant a seed into the heart of a potential customer. Multi-channel marketing is like the following watering and fertilization. When flowers blossom, the reach and frequency works.

A SAP multi-survey found that 74% of businesses increased sales with a multichannel strategy, 64%  increased consumer loyalty/acquisition and 57% reported better customer experience.

4  “Your taste really matters.”

Promoting ads to people who have no needs is not only a waste of money, but also a bad impression to the brand. Making full use of the shopping habit and taste of individual customers really works.

Personalization strategies are becoming table stakes for brands that want to effectively compete in the digital landscape. Indeed, 67% of respondents said it’s important for brands to automatically adjust content based on their current context. And when they don’t? A whopping 42% of respondents said they get annoyed when their content isn’t personalized. That’s followed by 33% who get annoyed when content is poorly designed, and 29% when content isn’t optimized for their devices. What’s more, an alarming 66% of consumers said encountering any of these situations would stop them from making a purchase.

For example, Amazon can optimize the home page of different users. According to the search purchase history of different people, Amazon can generate different products and recommendations for users which save time and energy for them.

5 “Story-telling is everything.”

Talking back to relationships. You can never get love from the one you love by just saying “I am a good choice”. You should have personalities and similar hobbies as her and show her. Marketing is the same.

People are spending plenty of time in digital platforms. Instead of pitching your products or services, you are providing truly relevant and useful content to your prospects and customers to help them solve their issues.

Exploring an entirely different world for sports on social media, Nike has mastered the art of creating and managing content for their niche. A brand personified to reflect passion, fortitude and enthusiasm is engaging their audience through their content and taking the notion of sports to a next level by amalgamating it as a part of lifestyle that oozes of emotions and projects sports as a globe unifier, despite the fierce competition from Adidas, Reebok and Puma.


Thank you for reading.

Chanel suite was not designed to be washed? Excuse me?


One employee of a dry cleaning shop shared on her social media that she was complained by one customer. The customer brought a Chanel suite to the store to do dry cleaning for it. It cost her $5500 to buy. But after the routine dry washing, the color of the clothes faded. The employee called the customer service of Chanel, Chanel said it was common, Chanel was not designed to be washed in any form.


Luxury products always cost plenty of money. Like Hermes, LV and Prada. Famous designers and featured design always stole our salary. We naturally assume that they are in good quality.

This popular news reminded me of one famous sentence of the internet, “If you bought a Prada bag and its hardware worked well for a long time, congratulations, it was a fake Prada.”

Really ironic, isn’t it?

Personally speaking, I think the customer service was not intent to hurt customers. But the employee who posted was a Japanese, she just did one post, the news has been translated into Chinese and being shared everywhere. This is a PR crisis. The PR team of the Chanel should have responded quickly to this kind of news and apologize to all customers within 24 hours.

Quality is the most important feature of keeping customers. Although famous as Chanel, having no quality and was not able to be washed in any form would harm the brand reputation a lot.

People sharing this news and remarked “I will never being able to understand rich guys’ world.”, “People who bought $5500 suite would only wear it for once and throw it away”.

Not all of us was able to live like super stars. When Most of us buy luxury products, we want it to be used for a longer time than cheaper brands. This time, Chanel did a bad thing because of social media crisis. PR people of Chanel should hold a conference for it.


If the customer service lady of Chanel can apologize at once for the fade of color issue and give compensation, this crisis would not happen at all. Uber can give customer coupons with no excuse. Service provider should never say customers were wrong. Or if when the post became discussed in Japanese social media, Chanel can use its social media accounts to apologize and react positively, this thing would not be known in China.

Reputation is vital in shaping brand image. PR people should pay more attention to social media, this is the place where World-of Mouth was formed nowadays.

Why did Nike stand out in mobile marketing jungle

If we go to a desolate island accidently, having no smart phones might be more horrible than no food to eat. People nowadays have intimate relationship with smart phones. So mobile marketing is becoming an indispensable part of business. Talking about this topic, the first company I thought of is Nike. I want to figure out how Nike achieve success in mobile marketing.

This is an article with the title “How Nike became a mobile-first retailer” which told me a story of what Nike did.  It takes time for Nike to invest in cross-channel promotion. But this month, Nike has reported that mobile traffic to its ecommerce site exceeded desktop for the first time.

Many brands still treat mobile marketing a fashionable choice of promotion, but Nike put money and effort in this area. From apps to a social media strategy primed to push fans to buy its products, then Nike also collaborated with third party chains like Footlocker. Nike had determination to make money in mobile marketing, and it really worked.

While other brands are struggling to fit mobile into a crowded marketing mix, Nike combined personalization for fans and commerce successfully to transfer reputation into revenue.

Online shopping has become the core business unit which made the biggest income for Nike. Its mobile marketing of shopping on apps and appearance on social media can match its business strategy. As a result, Nike is becoming so outstanding in mobile marketing.


I have downloaded a few brand’s apps, Nike is one of them. It is designed clear and easy to use. I can browse all products in different categories and buy them with my cell phone easily.

Nike’s social media is also interesting and involving. Like instagram, NIKE posted many videos of athletes showing the spirit of NIKE.  “Just do it” runs through all its appearance.

It has contents and innovation, it cares about customers. It showed a girl who is not slim wearing NIKE’s spots wear. She is still beautiful with the passion look. Not everyone is so slim like super model. But we can look for a healthy life style with Nike. Its social media strategy really matches its brand image.

Nike is doing well in integrated marketing. I really like this brand. It deserves the reputation and profits.


Why do I download a beauty app if I could not buy stuffs directly?

I had a hard time in finding apps of the beauty brands. Many famous brands like SK-II, Clinique and Shiseido do not have official apps at all.  Eventually I chose the app of Maybelline.

Personally speaking, it is not so bad to browse for product information. But the biggest problem is that I could not buy anything directly in the mobile app. The videos looked good but I need to fetch my laptop and search Maybelline in Google and look for the product on the website. (

There are so many brands and convenient apps around us. Many new stuffs can drag our attention. All kinds of stores have apps. Keeping a customer is hard enough for brands. Deciding downloading the app of Maybelline to take up the space of our cell phone is not easy for a single customer. If it is confusing to buy the product got our interests, we can easily give up and turn to other brands.

Brand loyalty is indispensable but hard to build. The interfaces and using experience of a brand’s apps is becoming more and more important. No purchasing entrance is the biggest disadvantage of Maybelline’s app.

The UI design of Maybelline’s app is aesthetic. It is not complex and matches the style of the brand. The main color of the main page and the product page is rose red which is also the representative color of Maybelline. The categories are clearly categorized into “face”, “eyes”, “lips” and “nails”. I can see products of different categories easily.

In certain products’ page, I can see the introduction video and “inspiring look” video that made me really want to buy. The related products in the video were also posted in the page which is called “matching products”. I can get to know how to match other accessories.

But I found when I changed to some other apps and go back to Maybelline, it will show me the front page and I could not see what I was seeing a few minutes ago. This made me confused. If it is not for the assignment, I might delete the app. And there are no gaming and reviews on the app. It is not enjoyable to use the app.


Apps are very important to keep customers and get their information for brand loyalty. Maybelline has an official app which is much better than others who didn’t. But it still has space to step forward of improving the using experience.


Standing out in the beauty brands’ jungle, Clinique might be a kind-hearted skin doctor.

Beauty is an industry with fierce competition with all kinds of brands. An impressing brand image plays a vital role in the marketing of beauty brand. The Clinique has a seat in the beauty jungle. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion and 3-step skincare have good reputation. UX design is closely related to the brand image shaping of customers.

At the time when Clinique was first created, the general attitude towards skin care was mainly down to lucky genes. But Dr. Norman marked the beginning of a new era of skin care, punctuated by ideas like: Products can improve your skin! You are not stuck with the skin you were born with! The 3-Step Skin Care System was the first ever dermatologist-created, allergy-tested, 100% fragrance-free collection of beauty products ever marketed. This the brand story of Clinique with the notion of giving beauty and healthy skin to women.


After trying the website of Clinique, I really found the UX design really fits the brand story. I also know more about the product when browsing its website. I can hardly find drawbacks of the website.

First, the overall style of the picture and interface of the front page is fresh and clean.  It is pleasure to look at all kinds photos.  I can see pop-up menu by sliding the mouse on different categories. Second, I can see the slogan of Clinique “allergy-tested, 100% fragrance-free” below the logo. And it shows clear and specific categories like 3-Step, skin care and makeup. I can also find the local store with a click of the “store” button which is easy to be noticed. The photo of products also stressed different skin color and respect diversity.


Moreover, at the bottom of the page, I can chat with experts of Clinique for advice or make a phone call to consultants. Social sharing icons are also easy to find and click on. In a certain product page, I can see how to use it and videos showing the product. Reviews of from other customers are also nice reference.

I didn’t know much about Clinique indeed. But I really wanted to try the 3-Step after seeing the website. And the website also has clear link to its Instagram and Facebook page. It linked closely with social media.

But when I used the app of Clinique, I do not know what it was used for. The interface is fresh-looking and I can find a local store with it. But I could not buy products in the app. You can go different levels after clicking the “gift”icons, but I do not know what does the level used for. The app made me confused. Maybe this brand did not put enough effort into its own app.

In a word, Clinique has an aesthetic official website which is very user-centralized. I can learn and buy products easily when seeing the website. But it need to enhance the performance of the app. Mobile device is very important in grasping the attention of the customers. I can feel a kind and professional doctor are standing behind the brand. The brand image made sense to me.




Knowing about myself is a life-long course, this test might help.

We can easily see the bright side and disadvantages of others, but it is always hard to know exactly about ourselves. We always fell confused about what we want and who we are. This is also a famous question being discussed over and over in history.

The Fascination Advantage is the first marketing-based communication assessment. My professor told us it can reveal how we see the world and how the world sees me. I really like these kinds of test because they always know the real me, one test of the job fits me the best really impressed me. Not all the tests are that wise, but they gave me chances of thinking about my personality and try to be the real me in the future.

When I started taking the test with only 28 questions. I didn’t consider too much before making choices. Using tuition in these kinds of psychological test can help us find the true answer.


Each question in the test has four degrees of describing scale, from “not me” to “totally me”. I don’t remember those questions exactly now after I took the test, but I do find the testing result described myself exactly. It said my archetype is the orchestrator. It is the combination of my primary and secondary advantages of “passion” and “alert”.

It said the world saw me like the following. I command attention and inspire others to reach goals. When I tell people over the phone I don’t have time to speak to them this week, I have a smile in my voice. And I have a keen understanding of people and inspire them to reach optimal results.


I think that’s true of my personality. I am an optimistic girl who want to give others positive power instead of complaints. Many of my friends said I was very nice. Maybe my passion is really my primary advantage. The report said when I communicate with my primary and secondary advantages, I come across as more confident and authentic. Wow, I think it really helped me of knowing my advantages and do better in the future.

The report also mentioned I am a detail-oriented people but effective. That’s true. These reminded me of my startup in Beijing. I led a team with 24 members without paying them. I can inspire them well because of my passion and kindness. But I focus too much on details so I wanted to control everything and let them do what I wanted. That’s not a good way to lead a team indeed. If I learned of my personality earlier, I might avoid some mistakes in my startup.

Thanks a lot to this fascinating test, I can be a better team player in my future job.

The first Broadway Show of a foreigner. Why “Wicked”?

Yesterday I went to watch a fantastic Broadway Show “Wicked”. This is the first time that I watched a show of Broadway. I was shocked of the sound effect of the actors’ real-time singing. The born green girl with unusual power and kindness really inspired me a lot. The dance and funny conversations were also impressive to me. I really didn’t expect such a good experience because I had no experience of watching shows of Broadway. The reason why I went to watch this show is because their good tactics of marketing.


After I came to New York City last year, my roommate has mentioned several times that she wanted to see the show “Wicked”. This is the first time I heart its name. I guess it should be called the power of “world-of-mouth”. Broadway reached me for the first time by my friend.


During last semester, I always saw posters of “Wicked” in the subway and billboards on different buildings. I noticed that because I have heart of it from my friend. After several times, an invisible voice in my brain begins to tell me, it might be a good show.

As we know, New York is famous for Broadway shows’ history. But there are too many shows to choose from. In reality, “Wicked” is not the most famous one. But I chose to go to watch it as the first Broadway show, the digital marketing efforts of the marketing team of “Wicked” should be praised for having done a good job.

After I saw this show and had a enjoyable evening, I really get more interests in other shows of Broadway. Then I noticed Broadway has its own App in which I can see all kinds of fantastic shows in New York and watch more shows in the future.


Personally speaking, I am not familiar with Facebook and Twitter, I have few friends on these American based social media. But WeChat (Chinese Facebook) is similar which really has indivisible power of marketing among Chinese people.

I noticed that email marketing is common in the U.S, but I really do not want to see so many ads in my mailbox that I even missed important emails of class in the past. Many companies sent promoting emails too frequently so I have to unsubscribe all of them. I am tired of receiving these emails. Maybe controlling content and frequency of email marketing is very important.


But maybe the best way to make marketing a persuading one is always producing the best product or service. Customers really know which one to choose in the long term. My experience of “Wicked” is a good example. Broadway really did a good job of giving the best shows.