Why do I download a beauty app if I could not buy stuffs directly?

I had a hard time in finding apps of the beauty brands. Many famous brands like SK-II, Clinique and Shiseido do not have official apps at all.  Eventually I chose the app of Maybelline.

Personally speaking, it is not so bad to browse for product information. But the biggest problem is that I could not buy anything directly in the mobile app. The videos looked good but I need to fetch my laptop and search Maybelline in Google and look for the product on the website. (https://www.maybelline.com)

There are so many brands and convenient apps around us. Many new stuffs can drag our attention. All kinds of stores have apps. Keeping a customer is hard enough for brands. Deciding downloading the app of Maybelline to take up the space of our cell phone is not easy for a single customer. If it is confusing to buy the product got our interests, we can easily give up and turn to other brands.

Brand loyalty is indispensable but hard to build. The interfaces and using experience of a brand’s apps is becoming more and more important. No purchasing entrance is the biggest disadvantage of Maybelline’s app.

The UI design of Maybelline’s app is aesthetic. It is not complex and matches the style of the brand. The main color of the main page and the product page is rose red which is also the representative color of Maybelline. The categories are clearly categorized into “face”, “eyes”, “lips” and “nails”. I can see products of different categories easily.

In certain products’ page, I can see the introduction video and “inspiring look” video that made me really want to buy. The related products in the video were also posted in the page which is called “matching products”. I can get to know how to match other accessories.

But I found when I changed to some other apps and go back to Maybelline, it will show me the front page and I could not see what I was seeing a few minutes ago. This made me confused. If it is not for the assignment, I might delete the app. And there are no gaming and reviews on the app. It is not enjoyable to use the app.


Apps are very important to keep customers and get their information for brand loyalty. Maybelline has an official app which is much better than others who didn’t. But it still has space to step forward of improving the using experience.


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