Knowing about myself is a life-long course, this test might help.

We can easily see the bright side and disadvantages of others, but it is always hard to know exactly about ourselves. We always fell confused about what we want and who we are. This is also a famous question being discussed over and over in history.

The Fascination Advantage is the first marketing-based communication assessment. My professor told us it can reveal how we see the world and how the world sees me. I really like these kinds of test because they always know the real me, one test of the job fits me the best really impressed me. Not all the tests are that wise, but they gave me chances of thinking about my personality and try to be the real me in the future.

When I started taking the test with only 28 questions. I didn’t consider too much before making choices. Using tuition in these kinds of psychological test can help us find the true answer.


Each question in the test has four degrees of describing scale, from “not me” to “totally me”. I don’t remember those questions exactly now after I took the test, but I do find the testing result described myself exactly. It said my archetype is the orchestrator. It is the combination of my primary and secondary advantages of “passion” and “alert”.

It said the world saw me like the following. I command attention and inspire others to reach goals. When I tell people over the phone I don’t have time to speak to them this week, I have a smile in my voice. And I have a keen understanding of people and inspire them to reach optimal results.


I think that’s true of my personality. I am an optimistic girl who want to give others positive power instead of complaints. Many of my friends said I was very nice. Maybe my passion is really my primary advantage. The report said when I communicate with my primary and secondary advantages, I come across as more confident and authentic. Wow, I think it really helped me of knowing my advantages and do better in the future.

The report also mentioned I am a detail-oriented people but effective. That’s true. These reminded me of my startup in Beijing. I led a team with 24 members without paying them. I can inspire them well because of my passion and kindness. But I focus too much on details so I wanted to control everything and let them do what I wanted. That’s not a good way to lead a team indeed. If I learned of my personality earlier, I might avoid some mistakes in my startup.

Thanks a lot to this fascinating test, I can be a better team player in my future job.

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