The first Broadway Show of a foreigner. Why “Wicked”?

Yesterday I went to watch a fantastic Broadway Show “Wicked”. This is the first time that I watched a show of Broadway. I was shocked of the sound effect of the actors’ real-time singing. The born green girl with unusual power and kindness really inspired me a lot. The dance and funny conversations were also impressive to me. I really didn’t expect such a good experience because I had no experience of watching shows of Broadway. The reason why I went to watch this show is because their good tactics of marketing.


After I came to New York City last year, my roommate has mentioned several times that she wanted to see the show “Wicked”. This is the first time I heart its name. I guess it should be called the power of “world-of-mouth”. Broadway reached me for the first time by my friend.


During last semester, I always saw posters of “Wicked” in the subway and billboards on different buildings. I noticed that because I have heart of it from my friend. After several times, an invisible voice in my brain begins to tell me, it might be a good show.

As we know, New York is famous for Broadway shows’ history. But there are too many shows to choose from. In reality, “Wicked” is not the most famous one. But I chose to go to watch it as the first Broadway show, the digital marketing efforts of the marketing team of “Wicked” should be praised for having done a good job.

After I saw this show and had a enjoyable evening, I really get more interests in other shows of Broadway. Then I noticed Broadway has its own App in which I can see all kinds of fantastic shows in New York and watch more shows in the future.


Personally speaking, I am not familiar with Facebook and Twitter, I have few friends on these American based social media. But WeChat (Chinese Facebook) is similar which really has indivisible power of marketing among Chinese people.

I noticed that email marketing is common in the U.S, but I really do not want to see so many ads in my mailbox that I even missed important emails of class in the past. Many companies sent promoting emails too frequently so I have to unsubscribe all of them. I am tired of receiving these emails. Maybe controlling content and frequency of email marketing is very important.


But maybe the best way to make marketing a persuading one is always producing the best product or service. Customers really know which one to choose in the long term. My experience of “Wicked” is a good example. Broadway really did a good job of giving the best shows.

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