Nice to meet you!

I am Sisi who loves writing and enjoying life.

This is the first time that I start my own blog. Setting it up and choose the domain name is a little bit time consuming. But I made it at last with the help of Google search. It feels really exciting to see my own blog and pages with photo and words of my style.

My professor is a writer which is one of my dream. So she really attracted me and I think I was lucky to choose this class. I do not want to make a living by writing, but I really enjoy the time I write informal essays and novels. I will spend my life to write and read.

From last semester I knew how traditional media like TV and radio works, and I was shocked by how Google makes money according to user’s browsing cookies. I found in the U.S, markers really focus on data to do marketing. This requirement is not that obvious in China. So I really want to learn how different kind of media target the audience and marketing in this Digital Marketing course.

I am looking forward to write more things about digital marketing and share with you in the future. Writing is good way to find myself.

Enjoy our trip in my blog!